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Coolest Superman Powers Revealed in Movies and Comic Books

Superman Powers

Are you a Superman fan? Did you watch the latest Batman versus Superman movie? Superman comic was written by Jerry Siegel. Joe Shuster is the artist for Superman comics. It is popular though it is more than eight years old. It is well known that Superman has some cool powers. It remains attractive to all age groups.

Solar energy absorption

DC writers ensure to take real world examples to explain superpowers of the hero. Though his abilities are not clearly detailed, you can see the modern Superman with stored up solar energy ability. It is through yellow sun of the Earth. It means the body of Superman will use energy sun’s energy as humans use sun’s energy for food. It fuels his body parts and offers him an extraordinary power. Superman can store additional energy in his body. He can store and use when needed. If needed, Superman can select to overcharge. It helps him to use additional abilities.

Superhuman sensory

Superhuman-SensesThe sensory powers of Superman are highly powerful and sharp. He uses sun’s energy to speak, smell, hear and see more than a usual person. Superman’s improved listening and vision helps the hero to hear and smell that are farther.

X-ray vision

Superman’s enhanced sensory is the X-ray vision. He can see through several objects that cannot be seen with naked eyes. It helps him to respond quickly to crisis. X-ray vision is one of the best abilities of Superman. It offers plenty of fun and adventure in movies and comic books.

Freezing Breath

It is another iconic power of Superman. It is his high-end strength. He can freeze breath and exhale and inhale high amounts of air.

Superman is an amazing character loved by kids and adults. Ensure to watch the latest movie where Superman will be playing a role against Batman.

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