A Preview on Containment Series

Containment Series

Containment is the latest series that is based on Cordon. Cordon is a Belgian TV series. It is directed by David Nutter. Julie Plec has written the series. Some of the stars in Containment include Hanna Mangan Lawrence, Trevor St. John, George Young, Caludia Black, Kristen Gutoskie, Chris Wood, Christina Moses, and David Gyasi. It is telecasted in English language.

The shooting of Containment took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The team shoot for more than three weeks on that location. The series starts with a breaking out of mysterious and deadly epidemic in Atlanta. The seriousness of the scene is cleared and a large urban quarantine area is created. The officials search for a treatment. People trapped in the containment area will battle for their lives.

Lex Carnahan is the police officer shown outside the quarantine area. He comes to know that his girlfriend Jana and one of his best friend and colleague Jake is trapped inside the quarantine area. Apart from them. Teresa who is 17-years-old and pregnant remains within the quarantine area. She has been detached from her boyfriend recently. On the other hand, a basic school teacher Kati Frank is also locked with her entire class that includes her young son. Dr. Victor Cannerts is a CDC researcher. He rushes to find a cure for the virus. He is the doctor who made the provocative call to isolate the area. He is racing to discover a permanent treatment for the present viral condition.


Containment is a thrilling series. It was premiered on April 19, 2016, Tuesday. It is a new thirteen episode series. It has chances to return if the series remains successful. It is a top-rated series. As it is a shock drama with a touch of romance, it is liked by all ages of people. The hints of romance here and there throughout the series help people to enjoy. You will be getting a beautiful experience to watch a nice, beautiful character drama and at the same time experience of viewing a horror movie.

Piec told the reporters that views could enjoy both ways. Chris Wood plays the role of a romantic police officer. He played the character Jake in the series. He will be romancing a school teacher who is named Katie. Due to quarantine, there is ‘no touching’ policy applied and you have to imagine the sequence of developing the love in the show. If you have missed ‘The Vampire Diaries’, you should watch ‘Containment’.